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Kody at the 2007 American Whippet National Specialty
7 yrs old

One of Kody's Specialty Selects won at just shy of 11yrs old

 Winning all four Specialties, Kody finishes his Canadian Championship from BBE

His true love has always been lure coursing.  Kody earned 16 Best in Fields both AKC & ASFA including the Colorado Grand National & Region 3 Invitational

"It really sinks in, you know, when I see it in stone,
'cause you went away, how DARE you, I miss you,
they say I'll be ok, but I'll never get over you" 

Miranda Lambert

MBIF MSpecialty Select Am DC/Can CH
AmberWind's Casanova ROM LCM2 VFCh

Breeders; Susan Mallonee, Dan Silva, Julia Mallonee
owner;  Susan Mallonee

Best of Breed Southern Colorado KC 

Kody and new friends, the Hooters girls 

Kody started his show career at 6 1/2 months old & did it with style winning WD/BOW & Best Puppy at the Northern California Whippet Fanciers Specialty for a 5pt major, then repeated the same win for a second 5pt major the next day.  Kody finished with a 3rd majors at 9 months old

Napping with KJ & Koda, but surely dreaming of the Hooters girls

Kody places second at his first Dock Dog Diving competition at 10 yrs old

Whippets Excelling in Conformation, Performance & Stealing Hearts