Doesn't matter if it is sunny & 90 or sunny & 30, Kruz's running is the same......................AWESOME!
The enthusiastic courser was Colorado Lure Coursing Associations #1 Whippet & #1 Hound in 2009!

on the field


12 months old    

Kruz winning back to back majors, finishing his Championship with three major wins! 

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Whippets Excelling in Conformation, Performance & Stealing Hearts


Kruz, back from a toe injury, blazes the field & wins FCH Stake & BOB!  He is here running with Klem in pink & Shelby (Kody & Aeryn) in yellow.
Thank you Heather Romig for sending us this photo

Pictured here at 6 months old. Kruz was picked at just a few hours old by his owner Pete Sorensen.  Kruz & Pete are best of friends, not sure who loves who more! They truly have a special bond. Pete has been the key in Kruz's success on the field, training & conditioning him.

Kruz runs for his 4th consecutive year at the Colorado Grand National, earning enough points to finish his LCM2.  Now he gets a well deserved rest!

  BIF DC AmberWind Nasua Must Be t'Moon SC LCM2
AmberWind Nasua Cosmic Sun SC FCh x Nasusa Moonstruck
Breeders; Susan Mallonee, Carla & Susan Badick
owner; Pete Sorensen ,Susan Mallonee
DOB 8/13/07

Kruz, just being Kruz!!!!!
Above all else, Kruz is just a wonderful dog to live with.  He is ALWAYS happy, fastest tail in the country & can always bring a smile to your face...................or lick it off!

Napping with Grandpa Kody