​November 13, 2016, WHAT A DAY! Arizona Whippet Association Specialtly show, "KRUZ" wins Best Veteran in Sweepstakes & Best Veteran in Specialty and "ACE wins Specialty Best of Opposite Sex for another 4pt GCH major!  Thank you judge Claudia Miller!

November 12, 2016, "ACE" CH AmberWind & Hamrya's Spectacular Bid JC, wins BOS at the same specialty weekend under judge Randy Garren for a 4pt GCH major.

November 11, 2016 "KRUZ" earns another Select Dog 3 pt major at the Tuscon Arizona specialty weekend.

October 2016, "KRUZ" goes Select Dog to finish his Grand Championship!! Since February 2016, he has earned all but 2 points from the Veteran class at 9 yrs old.  Way to go Kruzer Man.  What an honor to own such a fabulous whippet.

September 3, 2016 "SPROCKET" finishes his AKC Championship, making him the first DUAL Champion from the Piper/Ari litter!

August 18 & 19 2016; "KRUZ" goes Best OF Opposite  both days the Rocky Mountain Hound Show from the Veteran class at 9 years old.  He also won RMHS Veteran Group Second! Thank you to both judges on your wonderful compliments on his soundness & condition.

June 4, 2016; Flatirons Kennel Club judge Gloria Geringer awards "SPROCKET" WD/BOW for a  4 point major, "DUCK" WB/BOS for a 4 point major to finish her Championship with 4 majors!  Handsome "KRUZ" goes Best of Breed from the Veterans class!  What an honor!

May 29, 2016; "SPROCKET" goes WD & "DUCK" WB/BOW and "KRUZ" BOS at Laramie Kennel Club, thank you judge June Penta.

April 24, 2016; "ACE" WINS BEST OF BREED AT THE AWC NATIONAL SPECIALTY LURE COURSING TRIAL!!!!  What a day!  "Sprocket" placed 3rd in his stake. "Draco" wins the Veteran stake, "Piper" placed 2nd in the Veteran stake.  AmberWind WON the Breeder Stake & placed 2nd in the Kennel stake.

March 25 & 26, 2016; "ROMEO" competes in his first agility trial earning a qualify score both days and a FIRST & THIRD placements in Jumpers With Weaves.  GO MO!  Pictures on his page.

February, 27, 2016: "SPROCKET" FC Amberwind & Hamrya Must Be a Bolder Ruler SC, hits the ASFA field for the first time in 18 months wins Open stake (28pts) & Best of Breed run off. In only three times running AFSA, he has all his placements & over 50 pts towards his FCH.

February 15, 2016: "KRUZ" DC AmberWind Nasusa Must Be The Moon LCM 2, is shown for the first time in over 2 yrs, winning Best Veteran & Best of Breed in an entry of over 20 whippets
at 8 1/2 years old.  It was great to show him again & he had such a good time.

February 12, 2016: "PIPER" wins Best of Breed at Plum Creek Kennel club, entry 23.

November 7 & 9, 2015; "SPROCKET" goes WD on the 7th for another point and WD/BOW on the 9th for a 3pt major at Southern Colorado Kennel club from Bred by Exhibitor!

October 25, 2015; "SPROCKET" goes WD for 2 points, Best BBE and Bred by Exhibitor Group 1!!!!

October 24, 2015; "VIVO" goes Best of Winners for a 3 point major handled by owner Mathew Romig under breeder/judge Ms Lori Nelson!!

October 2, 2015; "SPROCKET" wins the Open Stake at Iowa Coursing Club in Lincoln, NE to finish his AKC Field Championship with 4 majors.  He then goes on to win another BEST IN FIELD! owner/handler Pete Sorensen

September 27, 2015; "ACE" shows as a champion for the first time goes Best of Breed them on to GROUP 4th!

September 18 & 19, 2015; "ACE" wins back to back majors to finish his championship with 4 majors, all breeder/owner/handled from Bred by Exhibitor!
Check out the beautiful new photo's of him taken by Matthew Romig.

September 13, 2015; "DUCKY" wins WB for her third major and is also awarded BOW  from Bred By Exhibitor!

August 30, 2015; "ACE" AmberWind & Hamrya's Spectacular Bid JC goes WD and "DUCKY" AmberWind & Hamrya's Winning Colors JC goes WB/BOW at Cheyenne KC under judge Judith Brown.

August 29, 2015; "VIVO" AmberWind & Hamrya's Majestic Prince at Caspian JC, earns WD/BOW at Cheyenne KC under judge Susie Osburn.

July 12, 2015; Piper wins Best of Breed & Ace WD/BOW at Roaring Fork KC under judge Col. Purkiser.

July 11, 2015; ACE goes WD/BOW/Best of Breed at Roaring Fork KC under judge Gloria Geringer.

June 7, 2015; "SPROCKET" wins the Open Stake at RMHA AKC Lure Trial for a 4pt major & earns his Senior Courser title.  This is his third major & gives him 13pts towards his Field Championship.  Brother "ACE" take 3rd place his first trial for his first AKC coursing points & "Romeo" earns his Senior Courser title!

May 31, 2015; "HAVOC" wins Best of Breed at his first AKC Lure Coursing Trial!!!

May 30, 2015; "SPROCKET" goes Winner Dog & "PIPER" goes Best of Breed at Flatirons Kennel Club.  Thank you judge Gary Doerge.  This was Pipers fourth BOB in a row!

May 10, 2015; "HAVOC" AmberWind & Hamrya's Barbaro On the Run, owner Melissa Egbert earns his first major!!

May 9 & 10, 2015; "PIPER" goes back to back Best of Breeds at the Albuquerque Whippet Fanciers back to back AWC Supported entry shows in New Mexico in a very large entry of beautiful whippets!  Thank you to breeder judges Mr Douglas Broadfoot & Mrs Barbara Rupert.

April 5, 2015; "SPROCKET" has two awesome runs in Wichita to win the Open Stake of 22 whippets to earn his second major (5pts) for his AKC coursing title!

March 29, 2015; "ACE" wins BEST OF BREED over 4 specials to earn his second major 4pts, at Scottsbluff Kennel Club.  Thank you judge Gloria Geringer!  What an exciting weekend for our sweet, special boy!

March 28, 2015; "ACE" AmberWind & Hamrya's Spectacular Bid JC, goes WD/BOW/BOW over a special at Scottsbluff Kennel Club for a 3pt major!  These are Ace Ace Baby's first points.  Thank you judge Paula Hartinger.

February 16, 2015; "DUCKY" AmberWind & Hamrya's Winning Colors JC, wins the BBE class then on to a 4pt MAJOR under judge Joan Lester. This is her second major!  "PIPER" goes BOS for her second GCH 5pt major for the weekend.

February 12, 2015; "PIPER" goes Select Bitch for another 5pt GCH major beautifully handled by Pete Sorensen!

January 2015;  We are very excited that our beautiful "DRACO" MBIF National Specialty Best in Triathlon GCH DC AmberWind Hamrya Dragon's Claw SC FCH (owner Liz Campbell) will be bred to the lovely CH Merci Isle Incantation.  Check them out on our puppy page.  This litter will be bred by Liz Campbell, contact information also on puppy page.

November 8, 2014; "PIPER" wins Best of Breed!  "DUCK" goes RWB Best Bred By & Bred by GROUP 3rd at Southern Colorado KC, Pueblo!

October 25 & 26, 2014; "PIPER" wins back to back Best of Breeds & GROUP 4th at Buckhorn Valley KC, Greeley Colorado!

October 12, 2014; "SPROCKET" AmberWind & Hamrya's Must Be a Bold Ruler (Pete Sorensen)gets his AKC QC on Saturday 10/11 & is entered for the his first AKC trial the next day.  He wins the OPen Stake for a 3pt major & earns the RMHA "Secretariat" award for High Score in trial, then on to BEST IN FIELD!  What an incredible running young dog he is!

October 11, 2014; "VIVO" AmberWind & Hamrya's Majestic Prince at Caspian (Matt & Heather Romig, "DUCK" AmberWind & Hamrya's Winning Colors & "ACE" AmberWind & Hamrya's Spectacular Bid all completed their JC titles.  Duck & Ace also QC'd on Sunday.

September 28, 2014; "SPROCKET" AmberWind & Hamrya's Must Be a Bold Ruler (Pete Sorensen) goes WD/BOW for two points at Arapahoe Kennel Club, thank you judge Sharol Candace Way.

June 21, 2014; "ROMEO" runs at the first Rocky Mountain Hound Club AKC Lure Trial wins the Open Stake for a 3 point major & also gets Best of Breed & HIGH SCORE IN TRIAL!

May 31, 2014; "ROMEO" goes WD/BOW for his first major at FlatIrons KC show in Longmont, CO.  Thank you judge Robert Paust!

May 26, 2014; "VIVO" AmberWind & Hamrya's Majestic Prince at Caspian goes Winners Dog at Laramie KC under judge George Bulton, owner/handled by Matthew Romig.  Vivo is the 3rd puppy from the "Derby Winners"  litter pointed from the 6-9 class. 
Congratulations Matt & Heather!!

April 26, 2014; "HAVOC" Amberwind & Hamrya's Barbaro On the Run makes his debut in the show ring with owner/handler Melissa Egbert & goes WD/BOW for his first points!  Looking forward to posting the photo soon!

April 13, 2014 "PIPER" completes her Silver Grand Championship making her only the second Dual Champion whippet to earn this title.

April 7, 2014; "ROMEO" goes WD/BOW at Wichita Kennel Club for 2pts. Thank you judge Robert Paust!

Check out PIPER'S page for some new coursing photo's!

March 21, 2014; "ARIAT" AmberWind & Hamrya's Winning Colors
 (o-Susan Mallonee) goes to the Lone Star Whippet Specialty & goes Winners Bitch/Best of Winners for a 5pt major & goes Best Puppy in Specialty.  This was her very first show at  just 6 months old!  Ariat wins RWB the following day! Breeder/Owner/Handled.
Littermate "SPROCKET" AmberWind & Hamrya's Must Be a Bold Ruler
(o-Pete Sorensen) wins 2 place in both his Sweeps & regular class along with 2nd to his brother the following day.Owner/Handled
Littermate "ACE" AmberWind & Hamrya's Spectacular Bid (o-Susan Mallonee) wins the 6-9 class the day after the specialty & goes RWD to the 4pt mjr!
What an exciting start for my beautiful Ari/Piper babies!

February 23, 2014; "BAILLIE" NEW CHAMPION Lakota's Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun Brown Boulders (Kody & Ruby) Bred by Brad Briscoe, owned by Brad Briscoe & Debbie Knudson finished today in Oregon at McKenzie Cascade Dog Fanciers!  Baillie is littermate to NSBIS Natasha.  Congradulations Brad & Debbie!!!!
February 17, 2014; "ZEUS" DC AmberWind Hamrya One Hot Pepper SC LCM NAP NJP earns his Novice Jumper With Weaves title in one weekend 2 perfect 100 scores & placements of 1st, 2nd & 3rd.  What a super special dog he is!!!

February 15, 2014; "PIPER" wins Best of Breed at Plum Creek KC entry of 31 for 4 GCH points.  She needs just 2 more points to complete her Silver title.

February, 14, 2014; "PIPER" goes Select Bitch at Plum Creek KC for 3 GCH points.
February 2, 2014; "ARIAT" AmberWind's Winning Colors (Ari & Piper) makes it two in a row!  At both Terry All KC & Flatirons KC Fun Matches, my little girl wins Best of Breed Puppy & Puppy Group 4th & 2nd!  Looking forward to her following in her parents paws prints & excelling in both the breed ring & coursing field.

December 30, 2013; "ZEUS" completes his Novice Agility Standard title with is 3rd FIRST placement & 95 pt score!

AmberWind congratulates Sandra Holley on earning both Novice Standard & Jumpers title the same day with Hamrya's Leaping Lily.  
Zeus's sister "MINNIE" CH AmberWind Hamrya Tears of Fire, won her Open Jumpers class & is well on her way to yet another title!

 December 8, 2013; "ZEUS" DC AmberWind Hamrya One Hot Pepper SC LCM earns his second qualifying score in Standard Novice Agility with another score of 95 & FIRST PLACE!  One more to go!

December 4, 2013; "CAPRI" BIF CH Starline's Basilicatta delivered her

November 24, 2013; "MINNIE ME" CH AmberWind Hamrya Tears of Fire, completes her Open Standard title with FIRST place & Hamrya's Leaping Lily earns her first JWW's Q & 2nd place.  Congratulations to owner/handler Sandra Holley!!

October 12, 2013;"KHAOS" is a new AKC DUAL CHAMPION!!
 MBIF DC AmberWind Hamrya Bacio de Santana SC FCH, was WD for
a 5 pt major today in Lizard Butte, Idaho to finish his AKC DC.  We at AmberWind & Hamrya are very proud of this accomplishment and thank Melissa for such a wonderful & loving home!

October 11, 2013; "ZEUS"earns his first AKC qualifying score in Novice agility with a score of 95 and FIRST PLACE!
Sept 1, 2013;"PIPER"delivers a beautiful litter of puppies sire by "ARI".  We are so excited about these puppies, one girl five boys.

On July 19, 2013 our friend Marlene Youell suffered the loss of her beloved whippet "LIZZY".  Lizzy is a littermate to Kody & BJ.  Our thoughts go out to Marlene and we will always be thankful for the exceptional loving home she gave our little "Blizzard".

August 2, 2013; "Romeo" wins Best Puppy in All Breed B-OB Match.

August 2, 2013; "PIPER"has been bred back to "ARI" (Romeo's sire) puppies are confirmed for early September 2013!

April 27, 2013;"NATASHA" GCH Lakota's Witch Witch Are You JC (Kody & Ruby) wins BEST IN SHOW at the AMERICAN WHIPPET CLUB NATIONAL SPECIALTY!!!!!  Huge congratulations to breeder/owner/handler Brad Briscoe!!!!
New photo up

"ZEUS" competes in his first agility trial & places 2nd in Standards and 3rd in Jumpers, despite my handling!  Check out his photo!

April 23, 2013; "DRACO" (Kody & Mira) wins Best in Triathlon at the American Whippet Club  National Specialty in Eugene!  We are extremely excited & proud of the accomplishments Liz has made with this handsome young dog!  Thank you Liz for letting him shine & all of your hard work.
April 22, 2013; "DRACO" GCH DC AmberWind Hamrya Dragon's Claw
FCH, owned by Liz Campbell, is Chili PepperHOT at this years AWC National in Eugene, Oregon.  Entered in the Triathlon, Draco has tied for 4th lure coursing, he placed second obedience & won the conformation portion.  Finals are tomorrow.  We are very excited for Liz!

April 13, 2013; "ROMEO" goes WD from BBE at Terry-All Kennel Club under breeder/judge Allen Odom. New photo up taken today by Donna Lynch!

April 7, 2013; 14 years ago Friday April 5th, one of the best whippets ever was born,"KODY". From the time he finished, I dreamed of the perfect Kody daughter.  Early 2009 "PIPER" was born & from the start, I was in love. She was the perfect Kody daughter I was waiting for.
Thank you Donna Lynch for sending the beautiful Christy here to be bred to Kody & for allowing PIPER to fulfill my dreams.

To honor her father's birthday by wearing his coursing lead, Peeps hit Kansas like a tornado!!  After not running for a year & becoming a fantastic mom to HRH Romeo, Piper stormed the coursing field & WON the Open stake of TWENTY whippets  for a 5 point major to become the second Bronze GCH DC in AKC!  Piper ran 4 AKC trials earning two 5 pt majors, a 4 point major & 2 singles(second to 1/2 brother Zeus)

March 22, 2013; "ROMEO" goes to his first show, Lone Star Whippet Specialty & wins BOS in Sweeps & wins the BBE dog class.  What a wonderful way to start.  Thank you so much to all of the exhibitor's for their wonderful compliments on this very promising puppy!

"ANGEL" Shalako's Angel of the Morning, goes Winners Bitch at the Great Dane Club of Dallas Specialty.  Thank you to her breeder Mari Lynn Davission for handling her to this great win! PHOTO'S UP!

February 24, 2013; Check out "MARTHA"!  Martha is my Aunt Pat Saleh's beloved Bulldog.  Since Pat's broken hip, Martha has been under the loving care & training of Denise Willis of Teclas K9 Academy (www.teclask9academy).  Martha just completed her second leg of her Rally Obedience title with a 204 out of a possible 210 points earning her first place!!  Way to go Martha & Denise!

New photo posted of "NATASHA" winning back to back Best of Breeds at Golden Gate Kennel Club early February!  Congratulations to breeder/owner/handler Brad Briscoe!
February 17, 2013; "CAPRI" finishes her AKC Championship with a 4pt major at Colorado Kennel Club show handled by Julia Mallonee under judge Bill Shelton!!!  Check out the great show photo's taken by Pete Sorensen.

February 10, 2013; "ROMEO" goes to his very first match and wins BEST PUPPY IN MATCH, at the Friends of the Boxers All Breed Match!  Go Mo!!!!

 January 31, 2013; New photo's up of "KJ", "KODA"& "KAYLA" from the Colorado Rhodesian Ridgeback's first AKC trials.  At 8yrs old running with the young kids & having a great day. Thanks you KC Thompson for the great photo's!  "ROMEO'S" ad designed by Liz Campbell. As always Liz, a stunning job!!!!  Thank you!

January 20, 2013; "KRUZ" BIF DC AmberWind Nasusa Must Be t'Moon LCM 2  wins the Open stake at CRRC first AKC lure trial for a 4 point major finishing his AKC Dual Championship!!!!
January 4, 2012; "BAILIE"Lakota's Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun (Kody/Ruby) goes WB/BOW/BEST OF BREED at the Greater San Diego Whippet Club Specialty at the Hound Show in Palm Springs!! WOW!! Huge congratulations to Brad Briscoe on another specialty winner from this litter.  Bailie is owned by Debbie Knutson, bred & co-owned by Brad.
Check  out her win photo! BAILIE

December 15, 2012; "CAPRI" Starline's Basilicata goes BEST IN FIELD at the CLCA Winter Coursing trial!  Capri only needs 5 singles to complete her AFSA title!  Check out the great photo's by Matt Romig!

December 15; 2012; "PEPPIE" UKC BIS AmberWind Hamrya Habanero SC FCH completes his ASFA LCM!

December 15, 2012: "RUMOR" Hamrya's Rumor Has It (Mira & Oban) finishes her AKC Championshp with 4 majors including two Best of Breed wins over specials all from the 6-9 puppy class!  Huge congrats to breeder/owner Donna Lynch!

November 1, 2012;  Thank you Liz Campbell for another unbelievably beautiful ad featuring new titles earned by AmberWind whippets so far this year. Check it out here!

October 28, 2012; "BOO-BOO" MBIF UAG2 UR01 FC Anlan's Sierra Mist FCh CD AX MXJ OF RE SC OTRM CGC AVX (Kody x Aeryn) earned yet another title, her MXJ! WOW! Huge congratulations to owner Alice Lubbers!!

October 21, 2012; "Natasha" CH Lakota's Witch Witch Are You JC, takes a Specialty Award of Merit under Bo Bengston at the Northern California Whippet Fanciers Specialty.  Congratulations breeder/owner/handler Brad Briscoe!!

October 14, 2012; "CHUY" Key of C Let's Misbehave (Kody & Tori) wins the Open Stake AKC coursing for his first 2pts!  Way to go Chuy! Chuy is bred by Celia Almes & owned by Jessica & Archie McHarg of Austin, TX. Check back soon for photo's of his handsome young man following in his parents paw prints.

October 14, 2012; new photo's up  "KJ", "KRUZ","ZEUS","KAYLA","BUCKY" & "ROMEO" & showing/handling pages.

October 6 & 7, 2012; "KRUZ"earns his LCM 2!!!!! He now gets a well deserved rest, then off to get his final major for his DC.
"BUCKY" wins Open stake again giving him both his firsts toward his FCh.

September 29, 2012; CH Hamrya's Buckaroo Bonzai (breeder/owner Donna Lynch) "BUCKY" gets his own "on vacation in Colorado" page. Check out the great photo's by Matt Romig.  

"Peppie" has a great "fancy foot work" photo up from the Grand National.  He is now only 31 points from his LCM.

September 23, 2012; "BUCKY" wins the ASFA Open stake for 20pts & "KRUZ" wins the FCH stake.  
KRUZ is now only 11pts away from his LCM 2!

September 22, 2012; "KAYLA" earns a 3pt major at RMCC AKC trial in Wellington.  "KODA" places 2nd & "KRUZ" places 3rd.

September 15, 2012; "MINNIE" CH AmberWind Hamrya Tears of Fire (Kody/Mira) adds yet another title to her long list of accomplishments.  She completed her AKC Agility Jumpers title with owner/handler Sandra Holley.  Congratulations to these ladies & their hard work!

Shelby's finishing photo is now up on her page

September 15, 2012; "NATASHA" Lakota's Witch Witch Are You SC (Kody & Ruby) finishes her AKC Championship with a 4pt at Sir Francis Drale Kennel club all from BBE with Brad Briscoe!  Brother Nick earns his 3rd GCH major needing only a point to finish. Another huge day for Brad & his beautiful litter.  Congratulations Brad!!!!!
Check back for updated win photo's of these two beautiful California blondes!!!

Natasha finishing gives KODY his ROM!!!!

September 8 & 9, 2012; "BUCKY" moves up to breed class & goes Selcet Dog both days at Evergreen KC for his first GCH points.  We look forward to the start of his coursing career in a couple weeks.

September 5, 2012; Our Ari & Piper puppy arrives!  AmberWind & Hamrya Flying Solo a beautiful fawn & white boy.  Both Piper & puppy are doing great.

September 3, 2012; "KHAOS" takes his third Best in Field & wins the Windwalker Memorial trophy at the Utah Sighthound Racing & Coursing clubs Labor day trial.  Way to go Khaos!

September 2, 2012; "BUCKY" Hamrya's Buckaroo Bonzai (Dexter & Mira) came to vacation in Colorado a short time ago.  Today "BUCKY" finished his AKC Championship with a 4pt major under judge Murielle Purkhiser!  "BUCKY" will continue his Colorado vacation & begin his coursing career. Watch for pictures of Bucky soon.

August 18, 2012; "SHELBY" Anlan's Pure Blonde (Kody & Aeryn) SC FCH finishes her AKC championship with a 4 pt major! Congratulations to breeder/owner Cathryn Day on her first home bred champion.  I was excited to put Shelby's first 2pts on her & very honored to show her to this win!  Thanks Cathy.

August 12, 2012; "PIPER"was bred to"ARI" by fresh chilled & while the 28 days ultrasound showed no puppies, the 36 days ultrasound showed one very special puppy is due on Sept 8th!  We will repeat this breeding naturally on her next season.

August 12, 2012: "MINNIE ME" & "LILY" both complete their International Championships with multiple Best of Breeds & Group placements!  Congratulations owner/handler Sandra Holley!!

July 29, 2012; "NICK" takes Select Dog for a 4pt Grand Champion major at Lompoc Kennel Club.  What a great weekend for Brad & the Lakota Whippets!
July 29, 2012; "MINNIE ME" finishes her Level 1 CPE Agility & got three qualifying scores towards her Level 2!  GO Minnie & Sandy!!!

July 27, 2012; "NATASHA" Lakota's Witch Witch Are You JC (Kody x Ruby)  goes WB/BOW & Best BBE at the Western Sighthound Combined Specialties & littermate "NICK" CH Lakota's Warlock of AmberWind JC earns a specialty Award of Merit under judge Pat Trotter!  A huge congratulations to breeder/owner/handler Brad Briscoe!!!!  We so very excited & proud of the accomplishments you are having with this litter.

July 22, 2012; "CAPRI" wins the Open stake CLCA Desert Classic. She now has all her placements towards her FCH. "ZEUS" wins FCH stake,"PEPPIE" 3rd,"KAYLA" 4th!

July 21, 2012; "MINNIE"completes her Nose Work 2 title, making her only the 3rd whippet to do so. Congratulations owner/handler Sandra Holley!

July 20, 2012; "KAYLA" wins the FCH stake the first day of  CLCA's Desert Dog trial. Zeus was 2nd, Koda 3rd & Peppie 4th. We skip tomorrow
(I have to work) , but we'll head back out on Sunday.

July 1, 2012; "NICK" & "NATASHA" earn both their AKC JC's & QC's.  We look forward to new AKC Dual Champions soon! Congratulations breeder/owner Brad Briscoe.

June 2, 2012; Check out the new page I just added"Photo's for Fun"with pictures from our most recent trip to Cancun to visit my brother Pete & his family.  What a great time we had.  From time to time, I'll add additional fun photo's.

June 1, 2012; "ANGEL" goes RWB at the Great Dane Club of Denver Specialty!

June 1, 2012;Thank you Liz for the beautiful birthday ad for the extremely talented "Chili Pepper" litter!  Check it out. Also "KHAOS" has a new photo on his page, his major win.

May 27, 2012; "KHAOS" goes WD/BOW & "CAPRI" goes WD at Laramie Kennel Club for 2pts each.  Both only need a major now to finish!

May 26, 2012; Congratulations to our friends Matt & Heather Romig & their young whippet "RONDO" for winning the Open Stake & Best Of Breed at the 2012 ASFA ll!!!

May 20, 2012; "DRACO"finishes his AKC GCH all owner/handled by Liz Campbell!  A huge congratulations to Liz & Draco! "KHAOS" goes WD, owner Melissa Egbert. Both at the Mount Logan KC shows.  Thank you judge Robert Frost.

May 13, 2012;"PIPER" wins Best of Breed & a 4pt major AKC Lure Coursing,"KRUZ" places second &"PEPPIE"places third!
"PIPER" ends the weekend with another BEST IN FIELD!

May 12, 2012; "ZEUS"finishes his AKC DC with is 4th major!  "Piper" places second &"KRUZ" places third!
"MINNIE ME"completes her new agility title, plus she has 2 legs for her Beginning Novice Obedience title!  Congratulations to owner/handler Sandra Holley!

May 4/5 2012; "KHAOS" goes WD for 2 pts on Friday & WD/BOW for a 3pt major on Saturday at the Utah Valley Kennel Cub under judges Linda Moore & Dr Robert Smith.  Congratulations to owner Melissa Egbert!
At the same shows, litter-brother "DRACO" goes Select Dog! Congratulations owner Liz Campbell!

April 15 2012; "CAPRI" goes WB for another 2 pts Terry-All KC.  Great job Julia & Capri!

April 14, 2012; "CAPRI"goes BOW, handled by Julia Mallonee, for 2pts, Kody's baby girl "CHEVY" goes RWB breeder/owner/handled by Celia Almes & "PIPER"goes Best of Breed at Terry-All KC.  Thank you judge Kitty Siedel! 

March 30-31, 2012;"PIPER  wins back to back BEST OF BREEDS both days entered at Scottsbluff KC.   Thank you judges Rodger & Paula Hartinger.
March 9-11, 2012;"PEPPIE" goes UKC BEST IN SHOW alter & 4 times RESERVE BEST IN SHOW at the High Plains Kennel Club Show series!  "CAPRI" finishes her UKC Championship in one weekend & earns a RESERVE BEST IN SHOW! 
Congratualtions owner/handler Julia Mallonee.

February 18, 2012; "CHEVY" Key of C It's Delovely (KODY/TORY) goes WB/BOW/BBBE for a 4pt major her first weekend showing, under judge Kent Delaney.  CHEVY went on to BBE Hound Group 2!  Congratulations breeder/owner/handler Celia Almes!

February 11, 2012; new running photo's on "CAPRI" &"PIPER" pages.

February 4, 2012; Check "ZEUS" playing frisbee in our big snow storm.

January 28 & 29, 2012; "NATASHA" Lakota's Witch Witch Are You (Kody/Ruby) wins WB/BOW/BBBE & BOB at Golden Gate Kennel Club, brother "NICK goes BOS.  Sunday "NICK" CH Lakota's Warlock of AmberWind goes BOB at Golden Gate Kennel Club.  Congrats breeder/owner Brad Briscoe. Check out new photo's of "NICK" from the win at Palm Springs.

January 7, 2012; "NICK" CH Lakota's Warlock of AmberWind goes Select Dog for a 5pt GCH major his first weekend as a special (only 14 months old) at the Kennel Club of Palm Springs show, under breeder/judge Lori Nelson.  Congratulations breeder/owner/handler Brad Briscoe!  A special "Thank You'' to Grandma Petey Schreeder (Clyde's owner) for handling Nick while Brad is on the injured reserve list!

2011 Year End:
"PIPER" AKC Top Dogs report 12/31/11  #16 Breed/#14 All Breed!
"ZEUS" CLCA #1 Whippet second year in a row!

Congratulations to our friends "CHANEL", handler Lori Wilson, Owners Lori & Carey Lawrence on ChaCha ending 2011 as #1 Whippet #1 Hound & Top 10 All Breed for the second year in a row & becoming the Winningest Whippet in AKC History!

Looking forward to 2012 as Zeus & Piper look to finish their AKC DC's, Zeus & I try our paws at agility, Capri & Julia look to finish her AKC CH & working on her FCH & hoping for a litter from Piper & the handsome Ari!

Good Luck to all our whippets friends on their showing/coursing endeavors this year!

December 30 & 31, 2011;"PIPER" ends the year with a bang.  Back to back 1st's in Open stake to complete her ASFA FCH undefeated in the Open Stake (just like Dad & sister Koda) then goes on to win BEST IN FIELD!!!
Piper adds this to her other accomplishments this year (check out what Liz put together for her click here)
AKC Grand Championship
AKC Bronze level Grand Championship
Group 1st Laramie Kennel Club
Multiple Groups 2nds/3rd
Best of Breed Rocky Mountain Hound Show (entry 54)
AWC Top Twenty finalist!

"ZEUS" wins FCH Stake to end 2011 as CLCA's Top Whippet for the second year in a row.  In only 4 trials this year, Zeus has earned all 4 firsts & 149pts towards his LCM2!!!! Go baby Z!!!!

December 17 & 18, 2011;"PIPER" wins the Open stake again BOTH days at the CLCA Winter trial.  She now needs 8pts to finish her ASFA FCh. (new coursing photo up, THX Heather!)"ZEUS" comes to run Sunday only & wins the FCH Stake!

December 4, 2011; "NICK" New CHAMPION Lakota's Warlock of AmberWind goes WD/BOW/BEST OF BREED over specials to complete his AKC Championship at just 13 months old at the Kennel Club of Salinas. (new photo up on his page)  His sister "BAILEY" goes WB & sister "NATASHA" RWB! Thank you judge Mrs Marianne Klinsowski! Congratulations breeder Brad Briscoe!

December 3, 2011; "SHELBY"Anlan's Pure Blonde SC FCH (Kody & Aeryn) Breeder/Owner Cathryn Day, goes WB in Illinois now only needs a major to finish!

December 2, 2011: "DEXTER" (Kody & Christy) finishes his UKC Championship & goes BIS-owner/handled Chad Cherry!!!!

November 28, 2011; "NICK"Lakota's Warlock at Amberwind (Kody & Ruby) gets a little closer to finishing, picking up another point at San Joaquin KC, judge Mrs Donelle Richards.  Our handsome young California blonde is only 2pts away from his championship at just over a year old! Breeder/Owner/Handler Brad Briscoe.

November 20, 2011; "PIPER"wins the Open Stake again for another 16pts."KRUZ", first time back after being on the injured list, wins FCH stake & BOB (thanks Heather Romig for the cool photo-check out his page),"ZEUS" 2nd &"PEPPIE" 3rd at the RMIWA Fall trial!

November 19, 2011; "PIPER", after almost a year off the coursing field concentrating on trying for the AWC Top 20 , WINS the Open Stake!!! In only four trials she has four 1st places & 60 pts! "ZEUS" wins BOB at the same trial, RMIWA Fall trial.

November 12, 2011; "PIPER" goes Best of Breed under judge Ms Joy Brewster at Southern Colorado Kennel Club!

October 29/30, 2011; "PEPPIE" & "ZEUS" each earn another point towards their AKC FCH!!!

October 29, 2011; "KHAOS" MBIF FCH AmberWind Hamrya Bacio de Satana SC earns his ASFA FCH!!!!  Congratulations owner Melissa Egbert.

October 24, 2011; "MINNIE ME" MBIF CH AmberWind Harmrya Tears of Fire SC CGC FCh RN RA RE NW1, adds a Rally Excellence title to her resume.  Minnie finished with a 2nd Place & with co-breeder, Donna Lynch, cheering her on ringside!  Huge congratulations to her owner/handler Sandra Holley!

October 23, 2011; "NICK" Lakota's Warlock of AmberWind (Kody & Ruby) goes WD for his second major at the AWC Supported entry on the Del Valle Specialty weekend!  Nick is not yet a year old!  Congrats to breeder/owner/handler Brad Briscoe!

October 21-23, 2011; "SHELBY" Anlan's Pure Blonde SC FCH (Kody & Aeryn) Breeder/Owner Cathryn Day, goes WB three days at the Lincoln, NE shows!

October 21 & 23, 2011; "CAPRI" & Julia goes WB/BOW at Rapid City Kennel Club, thank you judges Joe Tacker & Bill Shelton!

October 16, 2011; "CAPRI"   Starline's Basilicata, wins her first MAJOR, she was handled by Julia Mallonee!!  This was their first weekend showing together with tough class competition & top handlers!  Great job Capri & Julia!  Thank you judge Mrs Lorraine Boutwell!

October 16, 2011; "MINNIE" earns her second Rally Excellence leg!!!

October 1, 2011; "MINNIE" earns her first Rally Excellence leg with a FIRST PLACE!  Way to go Sandy & Minnie Me!!!!!!

October 1 & 2, 2011; "ZEUS"adds another 5pts to his AKC FCH quest including his 3rd  MAJOR!! Only 3pts to go for his AKC DC!!!!

September 24, 2011; "PIPER"wins another Best of Breed & her brother DEXTER goes Best of Opposite to her!  Thank you judge Linda Scanlon!

September 21, 2011; "CAPRI" Starline's Basilicata arrives in Colorado!!!! Watch for Capri & Julia Mallonee to hit the show ring soon!

September 16, 2011; "PEPPIE" UKC CH AmberWind Hamrya Habanero SC FCH, owner Julia Mallonee, wins Best of Breed at day one of the Colorado Grand National. Peppie is the 3rd from his litter & the 4th AmberWind bred whippet in a row to win this honor

September 11, 2011; "BooBoo"

MBIF, UAG2, URO1, FC Anlan's Sierra Mist FCh, CD, AX, OAJ, RE, SC, OTR, CGC, AV (KODY x AERYN) earns her AKC FCH!!!  Clearly the most decorated Kody baby & I bet few others anywhere can match her!  A huge congratulations & admiration to her owner Alice Lubbers for the dedication & hard work!  What's your next goal??

September 9, 2011; "PIPER"wins Best of Breed & Group 2 at Evergreen Kennel Club.  Thank you judge Mrs Jane Treiber!

September 4, 2011; "PIPER"wins Best of Breed at Cheyenne KC under judge Guy Jeavons.  This win was Pipers 21st GCH major & earned her the Bronze GCH medal!  Piper continues to be a Top Twenty contender both Breed & All Breed!

September 3, 2011; "NATASHIA" Lakota's Witch Witch Are You, (KODY & RUBY) goes WB for her first 2pts At Gold Country KC with Breeder/Owner/Handled by Brad Briscoe!

August 18, 2011; "PIPER" wins Best of Breed at the Rocky Mountain Hound Show with an entry of 54 whippets.  Thank you judge Betty Stites for this huge honor.

August 18 & 20, 2011; "DRACO" wins two GCH 5pt Select majors, all owner handled by Liz Campbell.


August 13 & 14, 2011; "MINNIE ME" completes her NW1 title (Nose Work) at her very first trial, becoming only the 4th Whippet EVER to complete this title.  Owner Sandra Holley is only the 2nd owner/handler of a Whippet to complete this title.  Dogs have 12 minutes to complete their 4 search elements, Minnie completed all 4 in 5 minutes & 27 seconds!


Kettlecove n Hamrya Leaping Lilly SC NW1 also completes her Nose Work title in only in a 3 minute total!  Only 9 out of 30 passed today!!!!!

Way to go Sandy, Minnie & Lilly!  We are so Very, Very proud of you ladies!


August 8, 2011; "PIPER","KAYLA" &"KIWI" all invited!!!!!

Congratulations on being invited to the 2011 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship

Dear Susan Mallonee,


The dog(s) listed below have qualified for the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship to be held in Orlando, Florida on December 17th and 18th


Registered Dog Name



CH Amberwind Nasusa Indigo Moon SC



GCH CH Hamrya's Wicked Storm A ...



CH Amberwind Nasusa Mystic Moon


July 29, 2011; "PEPPIE", UKC CH AmberWind Hamrya Habanero SC FCh, earns  his 4th first placement towards his LCM!

July 29, 2011; "Chevy",  Key of C It's Delovely, (Kody & Tori) see her 4 month old pictures on the Puppies page!

July 16 & 17, 2011: "PIPER" goes back to back Best of Breeds at Roaring Fork Kennel Club judges Joseph Gregory & Joe Tacker, then on to GROUP 2 Sunday THANK YOU Joe Tacker.

"KAYLA" goes Select Bitch both days to add a couple more points for her GCH!!! Kayla is handled by her co-owner Julia Mallonee.

July 10, 2011:"ZEUS" wins the large FCh stake at the Region 3 Invitational to finish his LCM!  

June 25 & 26: "KHAOS" FCh AmberWind Hamrya Bacio de Satana, wins back to back Best of Breeds & a BEST IN FIELD at the USRCC! This is his second BIF.  Khaos is owned bt Melissa Egbert.

June 20, 2011: "PIPER" is #11 Breed & #13 All Breeds AKC Top Dog Report through June 1, 2011!!!!  Keep it going Piper!

June 18, 2011 :"CAPRI", Starline's Basilicata, goes WB at the Conewango Valley KC under judge Barbara Dempsey Alderman!!!!!

June 11 & 12, 2011;  "ANGEL" Shalako's Angel of the Morning, our beautiful Dane, goes WB Saturday & WB/BOW Sunday for 2pts each day, owner/handled by Pete Sorensen.

June 12, 2011: "NICK" Lakota's Warlock of AmberWind (Kody/Ruby) goes WD for another two points! This is Nick's 4th win in a row from 6-9 puppy dogs in tough California competition! Congratulations Breeder/Owner Brad Briscoe.

June 11, 2011: "NICK" Lakota's Warlock of AmberWind (Kody/Ruby) goes WD/BOW from 6-9 Puppy dogs for a 3pt major! Breeder/Owner Brad Briscoe.

June 11, 2011: "Shelby" Anlan's Pure Blonde SC FCh (Kody/Aeryn) goes WB for 2 more points.  Breeder/Owner Cathryn Day

June 4, 2011; "TWISTER" NEW CH Hamrya's It's A Twister finishes with a 4th major, joining littermates Piper & Dexter in finishing with the same!  Twister is owned by Dorothy Lindmier & Donna Lynch.

Memorial weekend 2011:"PIPER" GCH Hamrya's Wicked Storm at AmberWindmakes a clean sweep Best of Breeds on the four day Wyoming circuit.  Thank you judges Noreen Cartwright, Charles Trotter, Paula Hartinger & Kalen Dumke.

She also won:

  • GROUP FIRST- judge Roger Hartinger
  • Group Second - judge Kalen Dumke
  • Group Third - judge Stephen Hubbell

"PIPER" is now a TOP TWENTY contender, ranking #15 as of AKC Top Dog BREED pts report 5/17/11!

"PEPPIE" UKC CH AmberWind Hamrya Habanero goes WD Friday & WD/BOW Saturday for his first points,  owner/handled by Julia Mallonee!


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